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Many enquiries can be quickly and easily completed using one of our online forms.

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Many enquiries can be quickly and easily completed using one of our online forms.

Service improvements

We're making changes to provide a better service to you.

Our customers told us they want a quick and responsive service and, to help us do this, we are improving our systems. We're still here to help. However, we'll have limited access to update your account for short periods in the next few months.

The next period affected is August 22 to September 1

Any changes to your account will take a little longer to complete during this time. We plan to have them all done by September 19, once the new system is up and running. Thank you for your patience.

Our technical contact centre, for water and wastewater enquiries and emergencies, is unaffected and will be working as normal. Our automated telephone service will also still be available.

  1. What we are doing 
    • We're carrying out a major upgrade to our billing system in order to serve you better and improve our processes. This is our biggest IT programme to date.
  2. Why we are doing this 
    • Making use of technological advances since our last system upgrade, we'll be able to provide a better service. The improvements will also help us deliver the 26 customer promises detailed in our Business Plan 2015–20.
  3. When it is happening 
    • We've made every effort to minimise disruption, but there are a few things you should know.

      Part one of our upgrade will take place between August 22 and September 1. Our billing system will be offline during this time to allow the upgrade to take place.

      Our phone lines will still be open to deal with enquiries but any updates to your account will be delayed. We plan to have any account updates completed by September 19.

      Part two will take place in December, when we'll introduce our new online customer portal. This will provide many benefits for customers, including:

      • Logging in to your account
      • Viewing your bills and payments
      • Managing your details online.

      If you would like to register for these services or find out more, email and we'll keep you informed about when the services become available.

  4. What it means for you 
    • Our customer service team will have a simplified system with an improved view of your account status and history. This will better enable us to resolve your queries in one call.

      Our customer portal will provide a new way to keep in touch with us online. You'll be able to access, view and update your account without needing to call us.

      You will also have the option to receive your bills by email, reducing the time it takes to get your bill and helping the environment.

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