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Otterbourne WSW

We need to replace some of the important equipment at Otterbourne water supply works. It’s coming to the end of its operational life and we’re looking to replace it with new equipment that will ensure we can continue to provide high quality drinking water to our customers in Hampshire.

So we know we’re on the right track, we’ve sent some provisional designs to the planning team at Winchester City Council to gain their feedback. This will help us develop our formal planning documents.

Our proposals

We’re looking to put this equipment in new buildings at the north of the site. We’ll also need additional smaller buildings to house the support equipment including the back-up generators and controls.

A formal planning application has not been submitted, we are just looking for initial feedback before we do any more work on our plans.

Why are we doing the work

These improvements will ensure we can continue to provide high quality drinking water to our customers in Hampshire and is part of a number of improvements we’re making to our water network to increase resilience for the future.

Gathering feedback

We’re also looking to gain feedback from the local community and businesses close to the site and we’ll be making contact soon. This will allow us to take your thoughts into consideration as we develop the plans.

There’ll be further community engagement ahead of the planning application.


At the moment, these are only provisional plans designed by our in-house engineers. We’re talking to one of our construction partners to get more details about how they’d complete the work and we’ll be able to share more details before we apply for planning permission.

What happens next

We’ll review the feedback and develop our plans further and in-depth environmental investigations also need to be completed. We’ll continue talking our customers to share information and hear their feedback before applying to planning permission.

We’re hoping to submit our planning application towards the end of 2018. Subject to gaining permission, we’d aim to start construction in 2019

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