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Save Water blog

Read what our Water Efficiency Manager Ben Earl has to say about saving water.

February 2016

Finding a plumber

Finding the right plumber to undertake a repair in your home is often quite daunting for a customer. But finding a plumber that can also recommend water efficient products which can reduce water consumption whilst also maintaining effective performance is a great opportunity for the sector.

Water Efficiency Manager Ben Earl

Water Efficiency Manager Ben Earl

The feedback from customers is that when combinations of water saving products are installed at the same time as effective advice given that real savings can be made. A programme of water saving home visits, underway across the Southern Water area, is designed to help customers in this simple way. 

Water saving home visits

Each customer receives a bespoke visit that looks at how water is used in the home. Following a discussion including advice and suggested solutions, products to the value of over £100 are then installed for free. The feedback from the public has been overwhelmingly positive and points the way to how plumbers could perform this service in the future, in partnership with a scheme such as Watersafe.

The Water Label

The Water Label launched by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association can be a big aid to plumbers and retailers on this very issue. Created as a simple guide to the actual flow rates and volumes of water for all the taps, showers, baths and toilets on the market, it is designed to change this perception. 

The challenge is certainly there to help consumers who trust the trade to recommend the most efficient products. As a water industry we are promoting this good practice which can be integrated into the work of trusted professional plumbers in a dynamic market. 

Look out for the Water Label on products and find out more about the programme of home visits at www.southernwater.co.uk/savewater

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