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Solar PV Panel Schemes

We are harnessing sun-power by installing and reducing our carbon footprint by installing more than 15,000 solar panels at three of our sites.

Three solar panel arrays will be unveiled at sites in Hampshire and West Sussex, will have a total capacity of 4.2 MW. To give you an idea, this would be enough to provide electricity for between 1,000 and 1,400 UK homes every year. The energy produced from the solar panel arrays will be used to supply our sites.

Works to install around 3,200 solar panels at Hardham in Pulborough, approximately 7,500 panels planned for Testwood, Totton, and around 5,500 panels at Otterbourne, Winchester will commence in March and April 2017. All panels are expected to be up and running by early July.

Project Manager at Southern Water, Fatou Tambadou, said: "It's exciting because it is the first time we have done this and the environment is very much at the heart of our work.

"By introducing solar panels to our sites, we hope this will help to reduce our carbon footprint as well as reducing energy costs."

Energy Manager at Southern Water, Martin Ross, said: “Investing in solar power at these three sites will help increase the amount of energy we generate.

"Use from renewable sources, currently standing at 17%, help reduce the amount of energy we need to import from the National Grid and help reduce our impact on the environment and on Climate Change."


In March works to install panels in Hardham on a large reservoir and two building roofs will be underway. This will produce up to 0.85 MW of power.

In Otterbourne, panels will be erected near to Southern Water's Water Supply Works, on a field south of Oakwood Park Recreation Ground. Solar panels will produce up to 1.52 MW of power.

Solar panels will be installed at our site in Testwood and this will harness 1.92 MW worth of power.

The work is being managed by Arcadis with our appointed contractor Forrest.

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