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About the tours

Our famous sewer tours are unique. There is no other place in Britain where members of the public can walk through the labyrinth of tunnels beneath their towns, learning secrets from 150 years ago.


Visitors will discover clean spring water bubbling beneath their feet from a freshwater river that still runs under the city and they’ll see barnacles on the walls from where the tide used to come in.


They will learn some fascinating facts about landmarks above the ground, such as our new £300 million improvement scheme bringing cleaner seas to Sussex and the Volks Railway Station at Black Rock.

Cleverly disguised as an ornate Victorian station, it’s actually a pumping station which transfers sewage and storm water to our treatment works in Peacehaven.

Pain in the Drain

Visitors will also find out about some of the things that have made their way into the sewers and what the consequences are if the wrong things are put down the toilet.

Find out more about our fascinating sewers by booking a tour online and seeing them for yourself.

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