Understand your bill

Our sample bills include explanations to help you understand the information on your own water bill.

The type of bill you receive depends on how we calculate what you pay.

  • The bill type is displayed at the top of your bill.
  • Most homes in our area have a water meter, so most customers receive a metered bill.
  • If we only provide your wastewater services and you have a water meter, we calculate what you pay based on meter readings from your water supplier.

Metered bill

If you have a water meter, you'll receive a metered bill based on how much water and wastewater you use.

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Assessed bill

Assessed bill

If you don't have a meter, we'll assess your bill based on the size of your home and people in it.
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Unmetered Bill

Unmetered bill

A small number of customers without a meter receive a bill based on the rateable value of their property.
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Has your bill gone up?

While everyone’s been at home more, we’ve all been using more water – so your bill may have gone up. Using less water could reduce your costs.
Find tips to save water
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