Accredited entities

Southern Water recognises the Water Industry Accredited Entity Scheme (WIRSAE) to allow Retailers, operating in our area, the opportunity to undertake temporary disconnection and reconnection activities in line with the market codes and the requirements of the scheme.

To carry out these activities, retailers or their nominated service providers will need to be certified as an accredited entity. The Southern Water scheme will be administered by Lloyd's Register and they will carry out the initial accreditation assessments, certification and on-going monitoring on behalf of Southern Water.

Details of the accredited entity scheme and how to apply for accreditation are available on the Lloyd's Register website here. You will find a dedicated section entitled WIRSAE.

Accredited entities will need to comply with Southern Water’s addendum to the Generic Code of Practice and in addition an agreement will need to be signed with Southern Water. Details of our addendum and agreement are available below.

Should you have any queries, including how to sign an agreement with Southern Water, please get in touch at

Accredited entities agreement
Addendum to the Generic Code of Practice



Retailer portal

The dedicated retailer portal contains information for newly registered or established water and wastewater retailers.

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Settlement timetable

In accordance with the Wholesale Contract / Wholesale-Retail Code – Business Terms, please find here a timetable showing the dates on which we will issue invoices to retailers for planned settlement runs.

Invoices will be issued electronically to the email addresses provided by retailers by 5pm on the date stated. If you have any queries, please contact

Wholesale-Retail Code


Date: 16 March 2017

Southern Water Services Limited and Scottish Water Business Stream Limited hereby give notice to any interested party that they have entered into an Alternative Eligible Credit Support Agreement (the “Agreement”) in relation to the Wholesale Contract entered into between them on 10 March 2017.

In accordance with the provisions of the Wholesale-Retail Code, a copy of the Agreement can be found here.

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