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Asset Management Policy

We're committed to delivering six key outcomes for our customers, as outlined in our Business Plan for 2015–20.

These are the outcomes our customers have told us they expect and value.

To deliver these at lowest cost, we will embed a culture of innovation, make use of best available technology and utilise customer education and partnerships with others.

This will allow us to deliver our promises efficiently and sustainably, ensuring affordable bills for customers. This policy is endorsed by the Executive Management Team.

It is the responsibility of all our employees to ensure its implementation. The Director of Asset Management has overall accountability for this policy and for ensuring it is regularly reviewed.

We're committed to reviewing our policies so they remain fit for purpose while reflecting the changing requirements of customers and stakeholders.

We will:

  • Provide responsive customer service, a constant supply of high quality drinking water, better information and advice, effective wastewater removal and look after the environment while ensuring affordable bills for current and future generations
  • Meet, or exceed the performance levels promised to our customers
  • Deliver our statutory and regulatory obligations to the timescales agreed with our regulators
  • Accommodate regional growth and additional demand without detriment to our performance.

To deliver these outcomes we will:

  • Continue to engage with our customers to understand the outcomes they value and their views on how these can best be met to ensure our plans continually reflect their priorities
  • Ensure our plans reflect the needs of stakeholders and statutory requirements, while providing the best value for customers and the environment now and in the future
  • Educate and inform customers how their behaviour influences our performance and our services
  • Work in partnership with a range of stakeholders, agencies and in our communities, across the whole water cycle
  • Take a holistic approach to decision-making that understands future needs and optimises total whole-life cost to manage risk and performance in an integrated way
  • Understand and balance risks between the performance of our assets and the needs of our customers and stakeholders
  • Use high quality information to make risk-based decisions to deliver the required performance
  • Use robust, integrated planning and project management systems to analyse and report information on customer service, environmental and asset performance, cost and project management
  • Use best-in-class processes, tools and capability in planning, integrated risk management, design and engineering, project delivery, programme management and operation of our assets and networks
  • Drive efficiency, improve performance and reduce total cost through innovation, risk management, partnership working and effective contract management
  • Employ great people, with the right capability, training and experience to develop and implement our strategies and plans, embedding a customer-centred culture
  • Assign clear roles and responsibilities to all those involved in looking after our assets to meet the needs of customers and the environment through our asset lifecycle process.

Reviewed March 2014

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