Leak allowance

If you've had a leak that has been repaired, we may be able to give you a leak allowance.

If your water is supplied by another water company, consumption and allowance details will be provided to us and we will mirror their allowance. This can take up to two months.

Please take a meter reading immediately after the repair is fixed. Your contractor can do this for you. We need the reading to process any leak allowances

Two weeks after your repair has been fixed please read the meter again. We will contact you for this reading which helps us to compare your normal consumption with that during the leak.

Notification of adjustment

If we can, we will tell you what the adjustment is over the phone. However we will also send you a letter confirming your bill has been adjusted within a week of us taking the second reading from you.

Please note, we cannot give leak allowances if  the leak was because of a faulty pipe or fitting inside your home.