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Bosham Hoe

We’re making improvements to the sewage system in Bosham Hoe to improve its reliability and effectiveness.

As part of this scheme, we’ll be removing and replacing 89 vacuum pods – the chambers which transfer wastewater from individual properties to the public sewer.

Work to install these new pods began in April and should be completed by November 2018.

  1. Why are you doing this work? 
    • Following feedback from customers, we’ve been working to replace all existing pods in Bosham Hoe with more robust versions. We replaced around 90 last year and have been closely monitoring these pods to check there’s no problems.

      Now we’ve confirmed they’re working well, we’ll be installing a further 89 pods throughout the rest of the village. These upgraded pods will significantly improve the efficiency of the sewer system, helping to reduce the risk of flooding.
  2. When will you be working? 
    • We’ll be working Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 6pm. If we need to work outside these times, we’ll let residents know first.
  3. Where will you be working? 
    • We’ll be working in Bosham Hoe and in Smugglers Lane to carry out this work. We’ll contact residents individually when we’ll be carrying out a pod replacement at their property.
  4. Will there be any disruption? 
    • You may notice extra activity in the area while we carry out this work, but we’ll try to keep disruption to a minimum.

      At times, it may be necessary to operate ‘Stop/Go’ boards while we’re working on small sections of road.
  5. Who will be carrying out this work? 
    • Our partner MGjv will be carrying out the installation work on our behalf. We’re also working with surveyors from Fisher German, who will be arranging access to individual properties when we need to carry our replacement work.

      Anyone working on our behalf will carry identification, so please ask to see this if you have any concerns.
  6. What will you be doing to protect the local area? 
    • We have a dedicated site team responsible for cleaning each area after we’ve carried out work. A road sweeper will also be used to clean more thoroughly if its needed.
  7. Will I need building consent for my pod to be replaced? 
    • Building regulation approval is not required if you already have a connection point and are having a pod replaced.

      Approval is only required for new connections where a pod has previously not been installed.
  8. How can I find out more about connecting to the public sewer? 
    • The pods in Bosham allow properties to connect to the public sewer system, so wastewater can be taken away safely and effectively.

      Find out more about connecting to the public sewer.
  9. Who can I contact for more information about this scheme? 
    • If you have any questions, please contact Southern Water’s Customer Liaison Officer Barry Woodham on 07788 356969.

      For any land queries or questions about replacing the pod at your property, please contact James Cole from Fisher German on 07870 807238.


July 2018
The project team is continuing to work with the Bosham Residents' Association's Sewerage Steering Group, chaired by Robin Smith. We’re sharing information about the scheme and holding meetings every month to discuss progress.
The second phase of the Bosham Hoe sewer pod replacement project is progressing well. We hope to complete work in the Hoe Estate by Friday 20 July 2018.

We expect to begin working in Smugglers Lane from Monday 23 July 2018.
We’ve contacted people with properties that aren't currently connected to the public sewer to ask if they’d like to be connected.

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