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Botley sewer network improvements

Work started in summer 2016 to install a new sewer and pumping station that will meet the needs of the new development being built on land at the former Botley Park Golf Course at Boorley Green in Hampshire.


We’re building a new 5.5km long with our delivery partner MGJV to take wastewater from a new pumping station on the development site to our existing pumping station at Brook Lane in Botley.

As well as building the new Botley Park pumping station, we are upgrading the pumping station at Brook Lane, installing new pumps and equipment to deal with the additional flows.

We have used specialist drilling techniques in three different locations to allow the pipe to cross under roads and environmentally sensitive habitats. We will soon be using an auger bore to cross under the Eastleigh to Fareham railway line.

We will complete the works by the end of 2017.

Proposed route

Before building started we considered a number of different routes. The chosen route mostly crosses open farmland around the edge of Botley village.

It was chosen to avoid as much as possible the environmentally sensitive areas and the busy village centre. This careful planning stage has minimised disruption for the local community and wildlife.

Planning Permission

Our planning application supported by an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was granted by Eastleigh Borough Council in July 2015.

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