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Market Open

The competitive non-household market is now open.

If you are a non-household customer, you are now able to switch your water and wastewater retailer.

You can find more information about our role as a wholesaler and the role of retailers here.

If you are a household customer, these changes do not affect you.


For water supply or wastewater emergencies, blocked drains or possible pollution, call:

0330 303 0368

(Calls charged at local rate)

Report a leak

If you spot a water leak, please:

Complete our form

Or call our 24-hour Leakline

0800 820 999


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The competitive non-household retail market is now open 

We’ll continue to be a wholesaler and own, manage and maintain our water and wastewater infrastructure for the area, including treatment plants, supply pipes and sewerage network.

Each day we supply 524 million litres of drinking water from our 89 water treatment works along 13,793 kilometres of water mains to our customers’ taps. We take nearly 70 per cent of the water from underground sources, called aquifers, 23 per cent from rivers and seven per cent from storage reservoirs.

Each day we also treat and recycle 718 million litres of wastewater at 365 treatment works after it is pumped through a network of 2,375 pumping stations and 39,600 kilometres of sewers. You can find out more information about our wholesaler responsibilities here.

  1. Our responsibilities as a wholesaler 
    • • being the key contact for incidents, emergencies and environmental issues on your site that may impact our network and assets
      • monitoring and taking samples of discharges
      • carrying out enforcement on non-compliant discharges
      • contacting you for process allowances, volumes and sample data used for billing and/or compliance purposes.

      If you have a query relating to trade effluent, you'll continue to be able to contact us.

      • By phone: Your Trade Effluent Inspector directly
      • Online: Visit www.southernwater/trade-effluent
      • Email: trade.effluent@southernwater.co.uk

      We have a dedicated 24/7 telephone number for you to report water supply or wastewater emergencies, blocked drains or possible pollutions, please call: 0330 303 0368.

      Your retailer will be responsible for supplying your water, wastewater and trade effluent service.
  2. Retailer responsibilties 
    • • your water supply meter readings as well as managing and sending your bills
      • contacting you to obtain meter readings for your own private trade effluent meter(s) that are used for billing purposes
      • processing new applications for consents and temporary consents
      • processing applications for changes to consent information
      • general trade effluent enquiries.
      • being the first point of contact for queries or complaints about your water and wastewater supply.
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