Apply for a consent

To apply for any of the following Trade Effluent consents, please contact your retailer.

Standard consent (for a fixed premises)

This will apply if you wish to discharge trade effluent from a premises for a period greater than six months. Examples of such discharges are:

  • Waste from manufacturing processes e.g. metal finishing, breweries, food production
  • Waste from Laundries / Launderettes
  • Waste from water treatment
  • Waste from vehicle washing

If you have an existing consent and want to move location within our region, then you will need to apply for a new consent prior to the move.

Temporary consent (for a fixed premises or site)

This will apply if you wish to discharge trade effluent for a period of 6 months or less.

If a temporary discharge extends beyond the 6 months then you will be required to reapply for an additional 6 months. Reapplication for the same temporary discharge will only be accepted twice (a total period of 18 months).

If the discharge continues beyond this, then a Standard Consent will be required.

Examples of discharges that this will be relevant for are:

  • Land Remediation
  • Ground dewatering
  • Building site discharges
  • A premises that is to carryout a project or short term work that will produce a trade effluent discharge (applicable if the premises has no consent or the existing consent does not cover the temporary discharge)
  • Pipework cleaning and flushing.

Temporary multisite consent (for discharges across a number of premises)

This will apply if you wish to discharge trade effluent access a number of sites within our region.

The Consent will cover all discharges made over a period of six months. Reapplication can be made any number of times.

In order to qualify for this consent the discharges must be of very low risk to Southern Water. An assessment will be made at time of application. Generally, a discharge should be at the same or lesser strength as sewage, and contain no harmful substances. The volume discharged per day per site must be no greater than 5m3.

An example of a discharge where this will be applicable:

  • Heating systems flushing.

You will also need to apply to your Retailer for:

Variation of consent

This includes any change to the parameters of your issued Consent. For example:

  • If the process producing Trade Effluent changes
  • You need to declare additional substances that you will be discharging
  • You wish to increase the limits of your consented determinands
  • You wish to increase the limits of your daily volumetric discharge or your rate of discharge
  • The discharge to sewer location changes.

Please note that a variation may result in the issue of a new consent. You should contact your Retailer to make an application at the earliest opportunity prior to any changes on site.

Change of name (Change to legal entity of the consent holder)

This will apply when the Legal holder of the consent changes their name which affects the legal status. For example: A Limited Company changes their name which results in a change to the Company House Registration Number. A Sole Trader changes their name in any way A Partnership changes in any way Please note that a change of this type will result in the issue of a new consent. Heading: Change of Name (No change to Legal Entity of the Consent holder) This will apply when the holder of the Consent wishes to change the name on a Consent, where the change of name does not affect the Legal Status. For example: A Limited Company changes their name, but the Company House Registration Number does not change. A company wishes to change their trading name, but the name of the Legal consent holder does not change.

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