Change to your consent

A consent is a legal document. You'll need to notify your retailer of any changes to your discharge.

Change to content of discharge

If you're proposing a change of process which may impact on the quantity or quality of your trade effluent, or which is not stated in your consent, you must contact us at the earliest opportunity before any changes are made.

You will need to submit an application to your retailer for a variation of consent. You should not change your discharge or breach your consent without application approval from Southern Water.

Change of name or occupier

You'll need to submit a new application for a variation of consent to your retailer if there is a change of name or occupier of the legal entity who is discharging trade effluent (as issued on your consent document).

Moving within our region

A consent to discharge trade effluent relates to a specific property, and cannot be transferred if you move site.

If you intend to move within our region and still wish to discharge trade effluent from your new property, you must submit a new application to your retailer in advance.

Ceasing your discharge

If you intend to stop discharging trade effluent permanently, then you must inform your retailer. Your trade effluent consent will then be terminated.

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