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Children books

We have published four fun booklets to teach younger children about important issues relating to water, health and the environment.

You can read these by clicking on the left and right arrows that appear when you hover over the comics below. Click on the comic to view it full-screen.

Learn to Swim

This fun booklet is packed with advice on how to stay safe in and around water. It features the story of a child's first experiences of swimming and details about our Learn to Swim scheme.


The Water Explorers

Join Mr Drink-It, Mr Save-It and some of their friends as they set out on an adventure to find out more about water.


Blue Earth

Blue Earth talks about what we are doing to cope with our changing climate and offers tips on saving water and energy.


An Underground Tale

Meet our experts on bunged up drains Mr Clear-It and Son. They'll take you on a trip through drains and sewers to show you the horrors of putting the wrong things down your sinks and toilets.

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