Cookies are small text files that can be added to your computer by websites with the aim of improving a user's experience and/or make their requested activity more efficient.

Cookies are also used to provide useful information to the owners of the site – such as how many people visit or the most popular pages and, occasionally, to track activity across the Internet.

New legislation came into force in the UK on 26 May 2011 that affects most websites. If cookies are used on a site, the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 requires that certain information must be given to visitors and they must give their consent to the placing of any non-essential cookies.

Controlling cookies

Most web browsers allow some control of cookies through browser settings.

More information about cookies, including how to block and/or delete them, via a range of common browsers, can be found at these third-party websites: or

Does Southern Water use cookies?

We've taken steps to limit the need for cookies on our websites to comply with the latest legislation.

One cookie is essential for our websites to operate and is created on arrival, however this file is automatically removed when you end your browser session.

You may configure your computer to refuse cookies from this, or any other website, but certain areas of our site require the use of cookies to operate and will not function properly without them.

Cookie use

Your browser may copy other files, such as images, from this and other sites and store them on your computer so that pages load quicker after your first visit.

Our websites contain links to online services provided by other organisations. We have no control of, or responsibility for, cookies used on other organisations’ websites.

Below are cookies used on our websites:

Cookie File name Website Purpose
Essential session cookie ASPSESSIONIDCCR TQBBB Main site,
This cookie is essential for some areas to operate and is set upon your arrival to our site, regardless of whether this is via the ‘homepage’. This cookie is deleted when you leave our website and close your browser.
Southern Water implied consent cookie cookieDirective Main site,
Your account portal
This cookie is used to record a user has given implied consent for cookies to be used on the Southern Water website.
Live chat cookie synthetix_lc Main site,
Your account portal
This cookie is to record if the user has dismissed the live chat pop-up so that the user is not presented with the same pop-up again during that browsing session. _utma
Main site Used to track how long each visitor remains on the site.
WorldPay session cookie JSESSIONID machine Main site,
Your account portal
A cookie used for storing session information.
Recite Me Recite.Persist
Main site These cookies are used for our accessibility tool. The cookies are deleted when you leave our website and close your browser.
Google analytics _ga
Main site,
Your account portal
These cookies are used to collect information about visitors to our website, such as number of visitors and pages visited. The information collected is anonymous.
Talent Gateway tg_session Recruitment To determine which site a user is currently browsing if they have multiple different client sites open in different tabs.
Talent Gateway tg_session_####_#### Recruitment To maintain user's session from page to page.
Brassring ASPSESSIONID###### Recruitment To maintain user's session when accessing analytics reports.
Brassring BRL Recruitment To allow access to related applications such as reporting.
Brassring BRSessionID Recruitment To support level-of-service metrics for client.
Brassring ELINK Recruitment To support sending links to candidates, forms etc, to other users via email.
Brassring JETSTREAM Recruitment To allow clients to customize application behaviour.
Brassring JETSTREAM_CPP Recruitment To support browsing result sets with multiple pages.
Brassring JETSTREAM_LF Recruitment To allow clients to customize application behaviour after logout.
Brassring KRBPDT Recruitment For security to support session timeout logic based on recent page request activity.
Brassring sweps Recruitment For security to support session timeout logic based on recent client-side (browser) activity.
Brassring VBNET Recruitment To determine which set of application components need to be used when processing requests.

Google analytics

We collect three different groups of data to help us improve our online services. All of these are anonymous and we do not use them to personally identify you.


The User scope is used to collect data about your visits to our site over time. It is not your personal data and we can't tell who you are. It is a first-party cookie that stores a number that Google Analytics uses each time you return to our site.

This kind of data allows us to measure things like how many people visit our site and how often they return. We can then make changes to the site and services with this information.

See a list of the types of things that can be measured in GA (dimensions).


Session data is allows us to measure things like how long people spend on our website and how many pages they view.

See a list of the types of things that can be measured in GA (dimensions).


Hits allows us to collect data regarding pages that were viewed and things that were done on the site. We can use this information to explore why people are leaving the site at certain pages and it can flag up errors such as broken online forms so we can fix them.

For a list of the types of things that can be measured in GA (dimensions).

To opt-out of Google Analytics data collection on our site(s), please use your browsers settings or use a plugin.

For enquiries, please contact