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Cookie use on the Southern Water Jobs search website
Cookie File name Purpose More information
Talent Gateway tg_session To determine which site a user is currently browsing if they have multiple different client sites open in different tabs.  
Talent Gateway tg_session_####_#### To maintain user's session from page to page.  
Brassring  ASPSESSIONID###### To maintain user's session when accessing analytics reports.  
Brassring BRL To allow access to related applications such as reporting.  
Brassring BRSessionID To support level-of-service metrics for client.  
Brassring ELINK To support sending links to candidates, forms etc, to other users via email.  
Brassring JETSTREAM To allow clients to customize application behaviour.  
Brassring JETSTREAM_CPP To support browsing result sets with multiple pages.  
Brassring JETSTREAM_LF To allow clients to customize application behaviour after logout.  
Brassring KRBPDT For security to support session timeout logic based on recent page request activity.  
Brassring sweps For security to support session timeout logic based on recent client-side (browser) activity.   
Brassring VBNET To determine which set of application components need to be used when processing requests.   

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