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What we do

a) Information that is supplied to us will be sent to a credit reference agency.

b) If you inform us that you have a spouse or partner who is a financial associate and jointly liable for payment, we will:

i) search, link and/or record information at a credit reference agency about you both;
ii) link any individual identified as your financial associate, in our own records;
iii) take both your and their information into consideration when managing the account in future;
iv) continue this linking until the account closes, or is changed to a sole account and one of you notifies us that you are no longer linked.

So you must be sure that you have their agreement to disclose information about them.

c) If you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect or identify fraud we will record this and may also pass this information to fraud prevention agencies and other organisations involved in crime and fraud prevention.

With the information that we obtain we will:

a) Assess your account and decide what payment terms would best suit your circumstances and/or;

b) verify your identity and the identity of your spouse, partner or other directors/partners and/or;

c) undertake checks for the prevention and detection of crime, fraud and/or money laundering;

d) We may use scoring methods to assess our future relationship and to verify your identity;

e) Manage your personal and/or business account (if you have one) with ourselves;

f) Undertake periodic statistical analysis or testing to ensure the accuracy of existing and future products and services.

Any or all of these processes may be automated.

What we do when you have an account:

a) Where you receive services in advance of payment or may do so, we will give details of your personal account, including names and parties to the account and how you manage it/them to a credit reference agency.

b) If you owe us money and do not repay in accordance with our payment terms we will notify you of our intention to file a default and if still unpaid after 28 days we will inform a credit reference agency.

c) We may make periodic searches of our own records and at a credit reference agency to manage your account with us, including whether to review your existing payment terms or recover monies due to us. We may also check at a fraud prevention agency to prevent or detect fraud.

d) If you have used our services, vacate premises and do not make payments that you owe us, we will trace your whereabouts and recover debts.

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