Connection charging arrangements

Find out about our charges for connecting a property to the public water supply or a public sewer.

We collect and dispose of wastewater across the south east of England, and supply water in parts of this region. Water is supplied in the rest of the region by other water supply companies – contact them for more about their charges.

The information below applies when you intend to connect premises to the public water supply or a public sewer, even if you are using an existing drainage connection. It explains the liability to pay infrastructure charges directly to Southern Water in addition to the cost of making the connection.

New connection charging arrangements


 Charging arrangements 2019–20 

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Charging arrangements 2020–21

Charging arrangements assurance statement 

Statement of Significant Changes for New Connection Services

Infrastructure Charges Scheme


Water charge

Type of charge Charge How is this applied?
New infrastructure charge (from 1 April 2018) £200 Per property
New infrastructure charge (water efficient development) £0 Per property

Waste charge

Type of charge Charge How is this applied?
New Infrastructure Charge (development size <20) £550 Per property
New Infrastructure Charge (development size >20) £765 Per property

What are infrastrucure charges?

The Water Industry Act 1991 allowed companies to make an infrastructure charge as a contribution to the overall costs of developing and maintaining the water supply and sewerage networks. They are payable where new or existing premises are connected for the first time to the public water supply or to a public sewer, either directly or indirectly (for example, via a private sewer or drain).

Sewerage infrastructure charges are payable when the premises are connected, either directly or indirectly (for example, via a private sewer or drain) to the public sewerage system - normally when the sink(s), bath and WC(s) are installed.


Developments that incur infrastructure charges

Infrastructure charges will be raised when any premises are connected to our water supply or to our sewerage network for domestic drainage. Here are some examples of typical premises:

  • Private dwelling houses
  • Flats and maisonettes
  • Sheltered housing units
  • Hotels and guest houses
  • Retirement homes and nursing homes
  • Hostels and student halls of residence
  • Caravans, mobile homes and moored house boats
  • Communal laundry, shower and toilet blocks
  • Shops, commercial or industrial units, petrol filling stations or other buildings with domestic water fittings, eg WCs, washbasins
  • Substantial extensions to any of the above

This is not a full list. If you’re in any doubt, please seek advice from us early on. You may incur additional charges for non-domestic use of our services, eg for effluent from an industrial process carried out on the premises.


When another amount is payable

Infrastructure charges for premises comprising private dwellings which are to be supplied and are billed for water services together (such as sheltered accommodation), and other premises to be supplied by a service pipe with nominal internal diameter larger than 20mm (such as hotels and office buildings), may be a multiple of the standard amount to reflect the load on the service. For those properties where the water load has to be calculated, the procedure agreed nationally with Ofwat will be applied.


Who can make the actual connections

Connections into the public sewer can be made by developers, but only with specific approval after notice has been given to Southern Water of the intention to do so. Please contact Southern Water on 0330 303 0119 for an information pack.

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