Drainage Strategies

We're developing long-term, 25 year strategies to make sure we can continue to safely recycle wastewater for future generations.

Good planning is the key to ensuring we not only continue to remove and treat wastewater effectively at an affordable price but address the challenges posed by a growing population, climate change and tougher environmental quality standards.

What we're doing

We're now at the beginning of our journey to develop drainage strategies for up to 100 areas across our region. Each one will explain how we will deliver long-term drainage services for our customers in a sustainable and economic way. 

We'll be carrying out detailed discussions with agencies and organisations which also have important drainage responsibilities to develop joint implementation plans for each area.

We'll also consult local communities, customers and stakeholders to ensure that the drainage services we provide are effective and keep pace with future pressures in the years ahead.

Next steps

We plan to regularly update and republish each strategy as we engage with our customers and stakeholders.

Details of public consultation periods and other opportunities to share feedback will be regularly updated on this page.

Catchment locations

North East Kent (PDF)
Wickham (PDF)
Sidlesham (PDF)