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Drainage Strategies

Across the Southern Water region, we are looking at traditional and innovative new ways of reducing flooding and improving the services we provide to our customers.

We plan to take a more strategic approach to drainage planning by developing Drainage Strategies for up to 150 areas across Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

What we're doing

Drainage strategies provide a long-term (25-year) strategy to ensure we achieve our outcomes including the delivery of a reliable and sustainable wastewater service whilst accommodating population growth, new development, climate change and higher environmental quality.

The drainage strategies we will be developing will assess a range of traditional engineering and alternative strategies to tackle the key issues identified in an area. Potential strategies will be assessed against whole life costs (cost to construct and operate), potential constraints and benefits to both the environment and customers.

These drainage strategies will help our customers and stakeholders to understand how we will deliver long term drainage services in a sustainable and economic manner.

We have adopted the good practice Drainage Strategy framework  developed by the Environment Agency and Ofwat, the water industry economic regulator.

Next Steps

We will be undertaking a range of activities to engage with our customers and stakeholders over the next few years as our drainage strategies develop.

Engagement and collaboration with our partners who have a role in delivering drainage services is essential to the development of each strategy. We will carry out detailed discussions with the key agencies involved to ensure that we consider all current pressures and future challenges.

We will work with our partners to agree a preferred strategy and develop a joint implementation plan that identifies key actions for all agencies concerned. This will allow us to look forward to ensure that by working together with our partners, we are able to deliver the outcomes that our customers want and need.

We will also be presenting our plans to local communities and gathering views of customers and local stakeholders on the development of the strategies to ensure that drainage services are effective and keep pace with future pressures in the years ahead.

Catchment Locations

The Drainage Strategy for North East Kent is the first to be developed across our region.

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