Drought Plan Consultation

Welcome to our consultation on our new draft Drought Plan, which we expect will be published in 2022. This is your opportunity to give your views on our plans to tackle droughts. Your feedback will help us evaluate our plans and identify any areas we need to develop further.

How to have your say

When you’re ready to share your views, you can use our online feedback to form to have your say. The deadline for responses is 2 August 2021. We’ll publish a summary of the feedback and how we’ve taken it on board in September 2021.

Our plans to tackle drought

We've produced a consultation document to give you an overview of our plans for you to share your feedback on:

Drought Plan – Consultation Document

Feel free to browse the other info on these pages too. You'll find explanations of what droughts are and why we need plans to tackle them, along with details of what would happen at the different stages of one. You can also explore our library of technical documents, which go into greater detail about specific aspects of our plans.

What happens during a drought

Learn about the actions we'll take at the different stages of a drought. 

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Restrictions on water use

Explore what we’ll ask households and businesses to do to save water at different stages of a drought.

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Drought Permits and Drought Orders

Find out how we plan to secure more water in a drought while minimising the impact on the environment.

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Browse the technical documents that together make up our full plans to tackle drought.

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