What are DWMPs?

Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans (DWMPs) are new plans that set out how water and wastewater companies intend to extend, improve and maintain a robust and resilient drainage and wastewater system.

DWMPs must improve the water sector’s approach to long-term drainage and wastewater planning with a view to providing greater transparency, robustness and clarity towards investment decisions.


The three levels of the DWMP

The Water UK guidance sets out the steps and processes for developing DWMPs. This includes a management structure that sets out three levels of planning, based on different geographical boundaries:

Level Description
Level 1 – Company Level This plan covers the company’s whole operating region and details its corporate strategy for drainage and wastewater management and long-term investment planning to secure the outcomes and resilience for customers and the environment. The level 1 plans brings together information from level 2 and 3 planning to provide a strategic, long-term plan for drainage and wastewater resilience and associated investment over the next 25 years.
Level 2 – Strategic Planning Areas These plans are aligned to individual River Basin Districts (RBD) catchments. They look strategically across each of these individual catchments, so long-term drivers for change can be identified and holistic options considered at the catchment scale. They describe strategic issues and future risks across the geographical area, along with the strategy for investment to manage and reduce the risks to people, businesses and the environment for the future (short, medium and long term). This provides a strategic context for detailed assessments that take place at Level 3.
Level 3 – Wastewater Catchment / System Level Detailed plans for wastewater treatment works and the sewerage network system, including Drainage Area Plans (DAPs) and Drainage Strategy Frameworks (DSFs). These cover specific local geographical areas within each of the river basin district catchment. Level 3 plans investigate specific current or future local operational problems or issues to identify local solutions that align with the broader policies for the regional Level 1 plan and the strategic options set out in the Level 2 plans.
An introduction to DWMPs – presentation slides

We prepared a short presentation for two webinar sessions held on Tuesday 25 August and Thursday 3 September, ahead of our September 2020 series of catchment-based stakeholder workshops. More than 110 stakeholders participated across the two sessions. The session provided an introduction to what DWMPs are and how and why we're developing ours. 

DWMP webinar presentation slides


How we’re developing our DWMPs

Find out what process we’re using to develop our Drainage and Wastewater Management Plans (DWMPs) – including the timetable, how they link to our other plans and who we’ll be working with.

Find out more – Developing our DWMPs

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