Electrical earthing

There are potential dangers where metal water pipes are used as electrical earths when the meter is installed outside your home. 

Many years ago it was common practice to use buried metal water service pipes as the sole means of earthing electrical installations in a property. 

Because of the potential dangers associated with this practice, it has been prohibited by electrical wiring regulations since 1966. 

Some properties, particularly older ones, may still be earthed in this way and you should be aware that our works to install a meter may break this earth 

If you suspect your property is earthed in this way we would strongly advise you to have your electrical system tested as soon as possible and brought up to standard if found to be defective. 

You should contact a qualified electrician or your regional electricity company for advice. 



If your electrical system is found to be in breach of current regulations, the full cost of rectification will fall on you. 

We have never authorised connecting electrical circuits to supply pipes, so it is not possible for us to contribute towards the cost of installing new earthing arrangements. 

It is, however, sensible for us to issue an appropriate warning. 

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