Estimated bills

The charges for metered properties are sometimes based on estimates. We'll issue an estimated bill when we haven't been able to obtain a meter reading.

Meters are normally read twice a year and bills are issued shortly after each meter reading, so charges reflect actual use.

Where there is no past usage, the estimate will be based on average use for the number of occupants.

If this information has not been provided, the estimate will be based on a two-person household.

We'll send you an estimated bill if we've been unable to obtain a meter reading. Where possible, estimates are based on past usage

Estimated bills can sometimes work out higher or lower, particularly if the customer has recently had a meter installed.

If you receive an estimated bill but would like your bill to be based on a true reading, we're happy to accept a reading taken by yourself and will reissue the bill.

If you're moving out of a property, the final bill will be estimated unless a request for a meter reading has been made a minimum of two working days before the property is vacated or a reading has been sent.