Exemptions from restrictions

We realise that restrictions on using a hosepipe during a drought can be more difficult for some customers than others.

This is why we introduce restrictions for homes, gardens and public places first, and later for businesses and industry.

In the past, this is what you have told us you would like, because homes can save more water, and it means jobs which rely on water are protected for longer.

However, we also allow some ‘exemptions’ for other customers and activities, which we have agreed with all the other water companies in the UK.

These include:

  • blue badge holders
  • customers using an approved ‘drip’ garden watering system
  • companies who use hosepipes as part of their business (early stages of drought)
  • activities necessary for health and safety.

We will also consider ‘exemptions’ for other customers and activities in the early stages of a drought, for example:

  • customers with mobility issues or on our Vulnerable Persons List
  • watering newly-bought plants for 14 days
  • watering food crops at home or on allotments
  • watering newly-laid turf for 28 days
  • removing graffiti
  • filling paddling pools.
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