Fluoride in water

Water contains natural fluoride levels. The water we supply generally contains low levels of natural fluoride, less than 0.1 mg/l.

None of the water supplied by us is artificially fluoridated.

Our position on adding fluoride to the public drinking water supply remains clear – we do not have the medical expertise to judge the effects on dental health if we have to add fluoride.

At present, we do not add fluoride to the water in any area we supply.

However, we may be required to do so as a result of government legislation. The decision on whether to dose water supplies with fluoride rests with Public Health England and we would be required to comply with a request to do so.

Before making any decision to add fluoride to the water supply, a consultation process would be undertaken by Public Health England.

For more information about fluoridation of drinking water supplies, visit:

Public Health England
Water UK: Water industry body