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Fort Cumberland

The storm tanks and combined sewer outfall here are an essential part of the catchment – it helps to protect the city from sewer flooding during heavy rainfall.

We've now completed work to replace the damaged sea defences next to the historical Fort Cumberland site in Eastney, Portsmouth.

The new sea defences will protect Fort Cumberland and two of our underground storm tanks, which are vital in helping to prevent flooding in the city.

Around 14,000 thousand tonnes of rock armour from Norway was ofloaded from the sea to the area of beach in Eastney, next to the jetty, using construction vehicles at low tide.

The previous old concrete sea defences were crushed and removed before the scheme started in April. Work was completed in October, to avoid the wintering bird season.

Southern Water - Fort Cumberland site improvements


Our Investment

In 2015, we completed a £10 million investment scheme to improve the resilience and robustness of its storm tanks at Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth.

The scheme has changed the way storm water – wastewater heavily diluted with rainwater – enters and then passes through the tanks and has also seen the pumps and screens refurbished.

These screens capture any debris within the storm water, which includes such items as wet wipes and sanitary waste, before screened storm water is released.

Protecting homes

It's important to note that the improvements will not stop stormwater releases into Langstone Harbour during heavy rain.

This emergency overflow for the sewer system is needed to protect homes and businesses from wastewater flooding. These releases occur only once the 40 million litre storm storage tanks are full. The vast majority of water released is rainwater.

Overflows, such as the one at Fort Cumberland, are agreed and regulated by the Environment Agency.

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