Future targets

We currently have one of the lowest levels of leakage per property in the water industry but we want to do more to reduce this further.

In our Water Resources Management Plan for 2015-2040 and our Business Plan for 2015-2020, we make commitments to reduce leakage to 86 million litres of water a day by 2020 and to 75 million litres a day by 2040.

In the next five years we are proposing to save an extra two million litres of water each day by repairing and replacing pipes that lose treated water from our 13,900 kilometres of distribution network

We have a comprehensive programme to find and repair leaks across our region, with additional targeted campaigns in the Worthing and Hastings areas of Sussex and on the Isle of Wight. 

Reducing the amount of water which leaks from pipes will reduce our need to abstract water from rivers and groundwater, so helps protect the environment in the future.