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We're proud to provide water and sewerage services to more than 4.6 million customers across Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

To help us deliver a resilient water future for the South East we often ask for feedback from our customers, stakeholders, businesses and partners, and any active consultations will appear here. Past consultations are below.

It's your water too

We asked you to join the conversation on our future plans to tell us what you want us to prioritise, what key areas we should focus on and where we should be innovating. We also wanted to know how we could do more to protect and support the environment and our regional communities in the face of big challenges like climate change and a fast-growing population in the South East.

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Water Resources Management Plan – consultation

We’re looking 50 years ahead to make sure we can supply reliable, healthy drinking water. We held a consultation on our plans from March to May and will publish a revised plan in September.

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Southern Water Futures
Achieving our ideal water future won’t be easy, and we could fall short. We’ve set out the steps we’re taking to work towards that ambition.

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Customer Challenge Group
The CCG provide independent challenge and advise to the Board on the company's delivery of the six priorities and 26 customer promises.

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Your service, your bill
Every five years, we publish a Business Plan which sets out how we will improve your water, wastewater and customer services and how much this will cost.

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