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Health and Safety Policy

At Southern Water, we value working safely together to achieve the best results, and our vision is a business with zero injuries where everyone goes home safely.

The Executive Leadership Team collectively promote the implementation of this policy and monitors the company’s performance.

Each Director and their line managers will integrate the implementation of this policy into their normal management arrangements, and ensure it is given at least equal priority to all other aspects of business management.

Details of the organisation and arrangements for implementing this policy are included in our Health and Safety Management Manual.

The following principles guide the way we work:

  • We believe that all work-related injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented
  • We ensure that we have the skills and knowledge to work in a safe and healthy way
  • We lead by example, take personal responsibility and are accountable for our actions.

In addition, we place special emphasis on:

  • Minimising the risk of a major multi-injury incident
  • Planning work and adopting behaviours that minimise risks to health
  • Providing assets that are designed and maintained to be safe to operate

We work with each other, with our contractors and suppliers, and act as one team to achieve our vision

We learn from our successes and from incidents and share what we learn with others.

Reviewed February 2017

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