Save water to cut carbon

Find out how saving water can improve your carbon footprint – and discover how you can track and improve your water-related emissions with Giki's interactive, online guide.

You may wonder what your water habits have to do with carbon emissions. The answer is twofold: getting treated water to your home uses lots of energy – and how you use it next has an impact too.

Getting water to your home

Significant amounts of energy are needed to pump water and wastewater around our region and treat it to high standards for our customers.

Alongside other water companies, we’ve committed to support industry body Water UK’s Net Zero commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030. With a growing population and increased treatment standards, cutting our emissions is challenging. Despite these factors, we’re pleased to be reducing our carbon emissions each year.

Read our Net Zero Plan

You can help by using water wisely. If you only use what you need, less energy is needed to treat water and pump it to and from your home. However, the carbon impact of your water use doesn’t always end when it comes out of your tap. How you use it matters too.

Your household water use

We all rely on water for cooking, cleaning and washing ourselves. Heating the water for these tasks uses energy. Meanwhile, household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers need power to run.

Fortunately, simple changes can help you reduce the impact of your everyday water use:

  • Could you wait for a full load before you put on a wash, so you run your appliances less often?
  • Have you checked whether your devices have an ‘eco’ setting that uses less water or energy?
  • Making a cuppa? Only fill the kettle with the amount you need – this can cut the energy cost of boiling your kettle by a third.

Get creative and you’ll be amazed how many ways you can save energy while you save water in your home.

Measure your impact with Giki

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To help you estimate and improve your carbon footprint, we’ve partnered with Giki.

Giki’s free website and app* offer you a personal guide to calculate, track and reduce your environmental footprint. In just a few simple steps, you can calculate your impact – and discover what you can do to reduce it:

Measure your carbon footprint with Giki


*Important note: and the Giki App are owned, operated and provided by an independent third party over which Southern Water has no control. Any information you provide will be governed by the terms of the Giki website and App, including those relating to confidentiality, data privacy and security. While Southern Water is confident that Giki is a reputable company, Southern Water recommends you use the same care and diligence in dealing with Giki as you would with any other such app or similar service provider.

Let's hit Target 100

Target 100 is a commitment to our customers – we'll support them to reduce personal water use to an average of 100 litres each per day.
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