Water Connection calculator

Please use our calculator to estimate the cost for connecting your supply to our water network. 

See average industry connection costs

Domestic connections relate to any domestic property connections less than 63mm in diameter. Commercial connections relate to larger 63mm connections.
This total includes the number of permanent connections as well as any temporary connection which may used for building purposes and later disconnected.
A temporary connection or TBS is a water connection which is just used for building purposes and later disconnected.
The type of road outside your property will determine the type of Traffic Management (Traffic lights etc.) required and whether a road closure is needed.

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Connection Cost:
This cost of the excavation work, fittings and pipework, and reinstatement of the area.
Complex Traffic Management Cost:
This includes the cost of traffic lights and signage, pedestrian/traffic diversions and road closures. Traffic Management costs are actual costs to ensure we comply with the Traffic Management Act 2004. Traffic management applies to around 65% of our customers. If traffic management is not required for your scheme, you will not be charged.
Water Regulations Inspection Cost:
This is the cost to inspect your service pipe, and that it meets water regulations standards to ensure water quality for your property and our network.
Application Fee:
This is the charge for your site survey and production of your quote.
Administration Fee:
The fee associated with general administration activities, relating to the construction phase, which can include processing any payments, scheduling the works, supervision and project management, and processing information into relevant billing/management systems.
Infrastructure Charge:
The charges described in section 146(2) of the Water Industry Act 1991. That is, a charge paid to the Water Company when a property is connected to the company’s water supply or sewer network for the first time.
Income Offset:
Income offset is a payment made by us to a customer that is building a house or development, it represents the future income that we will receive from a new connection.