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Highclere water main improvements

We are working to replace 3.6km of water mains in Highclere to reduce the risk of bursts and ensure we can continue to provide a constant supply of high quality drinking water to our customers.

Update - 10 November

In Andover Road, traffic lights are in position on the junction of Tubbs Lane as we work to connect remaining homes onto the new main.

Three-way lights are now in place until Tuesday (14 November) while we carry out final connections.

Traffic lights will then move to the junction of Rutherford Close for three days as we finish works in Andover Road.

A road closure will be set up on Highclere Street from this Monday (13 November) for three days while we disconnect the old water main. Please take note of the advance warning signs in place.

In Mount Road, the majority of works are complete and all properties are now connected to the new water main.

Three-way traffic lights will be put onto the junction of Pantings Lane from Friday 17 November while we resurface the second half of the bellmouth.

The lights will then be moved back to the junction of Tubbs Lane for three days to make the final connections.

In Tubbs Lane, four excavations will need to be carried out after other connections are completed.

Verge and remedial works are continuing. A few areas in Pantings Lane and work in Westridge will follow.

Overall the main construction work and any remedial work is scheduled to be completed by the end of November.

Highway verges

  • Highway verge areas will be complete with topsoil and seed.

  • Areas that are being looked after by residents will have an upgraded reinstatement of new turf. These areas have been agreed by the residents’ representatives.

  • We will supply bulbs to replace any flowers that have been damaged.

    Consequential damage to road edges

  • All edges and kerbs that have been damaged by vehicles passing excavations will be repaired to the required highway standard.

    Drainage ditches

  • Some ditches have already have been cleared out.

  • Others will be cleared as a gesture of good will.


  • Some areas are currently temporarily reinstated. All Tarmac is required to be completed to highways standards and is subject to appraisal.

    Specific customer issues

  • We are working with customers who have specific issues relating to reinstatement caused by extended time of excavations.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and would like to thank you in advance for your co-operation and patience. We appreciate your support during these essential works.


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