How we plan

The way we plan water supplies is based on a simple equation. We work out how much water we can supply, how much we calculate we will need to supply in the future and how we can make up the difference.

Behind this, are more complicated calculations, which look at how our need for water in the future will be affected by:

  • Changes in the law, which will mean we can take
    less water for supply
  • Housing growth in the South East
  • A growing population and more people living on their own
  • The effects of climate change on our weather

We also consider the views of our customers, the state of the economy, the effect on customers’ bills and how much energy our water network uses.

As we developed our plans, we started with a ‘blue sky’ list of more than 500 options to secure more water – including towing icebergs from the Arctic or building a pipeline from Wales or Scotland.

We then weighed up the options in terms of their cost, how much water they could supply, how reliable they would be during droughts and their impact on the environment.

In this way, we chose a final set of options to secure reliable water resources for the next 25 years, which we believed offer the best value for our customers and the environment.

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