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Integrated water cycle management

To meet long term challenges of water stress, stringent environmental needs, high population growth, risk of drought or flooding and climate change, we need to develop a more integrated approach to managing the water environment.

Aerial photo of a river

We will work across the whole water cycle, rather than at individual solutions that only address specific environmental aspects in certain geographical areas.

This is an innovative approach and will show leadership within the region. Greater collaboration and working with third parties, as well as enhanced technical understanding will be required to realise the expected benefits.

Find out more about how we will meet our future challenges for the water environment.

Integrated water cycle management (PDF)  

Lowland Catchment Workshop (5 July)

Southern Water hosted a workshop bringing together stakeholders from across the South East and beyond to share best practice and to discuss how to identify opportunities for greater collaboration and to help organisations across catchments to better manage risk.

You can view the presentations below:

Setting the scene and myth busting  
Evidence - identifying risks and solutions  
Mechanisms for delivery - innovative delivery models  
Partnership working - working with others  
Workshop report