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The River Itchen Challenge

We’re calling on the communities of Cheriton, Kilmeston, Bramdean, Hinton Ampner, Bishops Sutton, Beauworth to join us in saving water:

Every drop we save will:

  • help protect the River Itchen and its wildlife
  • lower your water bills
  • benefit local good causes by up to £50,000

Most of your area’s water supply comes from the River Itchen. We’re working with the Environment Agency and Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust to reduce the amount we take.

Daily water consumption in your area is about 180 litres per person, well above the region’s average of 130 litres.

We’re setting residents, businesses, community groups and your school a challenge to use less water.

There are lots of ways you can do this but one way is to sign-up for a home visit where we’ll fit FREE water-saving gadgets on taps, showers, toilets and urinals, if needed. If you have a water meter this will also mean lower bills.


How much have you cut your water use by since our challenge began?

If, after a year, we can collectively cut water use by at least 10%, we’ll share the following sums of money between your parishes to invest in community schemes:

10% reduction: £15,000
18% reduction: £30,000
25% reduction: £50,000

It’s easy to save water in your home – and save energy and money at the same time

Shower savings

A four-minute showerwith a water-efficient shower head uses around 32 litres of water; a bath uses around 80–100 litres. We offer four types of shower head that use

Feeling flushed?

Flushing the toilet accounts for 30% of the water we use. If your toilet isn’t dual-flush, we can fit one for you to save up to 50% per flush.

Tapping in

Running the kitchen tap uses more than nine litres of water a minute. A tap insert controls the amount of water flowing through. We have a selection of these that can be fitted during a home visit.

The best way to water

In one hour a garden sprinkler can use more water than a family of four uses in a day. We can provide and fit a water butt for £25.

A remarkable river

The River Itchen is an internationally renowned chalk stream and an integral part of the environmental, economic and social fabric of Hampshire.

It’s home to a wealth of wildlife – including seven species of ecological interest; the water crowfoot and populations of southern damselfly, white-clawed crayfish, otter, salmon, bullhead and brook lamprey, all highly dependent on abundant water supplies.

This is why we must work together to protect it. 

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