Everyone knows that we need it to drink, grow food, go to the loo and stay clean. But we actually need water for pretty much everything we do. From that invigorating wake-up shower, to lights out at the end of a hectic day – no matter who we are, or what we’re up to, we wouldn’t be able to do any of it without water.

Join the conversation on Southern Water’s future plans to tell us what you want to see us prioritise, what key areas we should focus on, where we should be innovating and how we could do more to protect and support the environment and our regional communities in the face of big challenges like climate change and a fast-growing population in the South East.

We haven’t waited until now to find out what you want though. For the last year we’ve been busy talking to our customers and others who care about your water. Surveys, phone calls, social media, and local workshops – we’ve done them all. Over 500,000 people have already shared their views and that’s not to mention all the scientists, environmental specialists and other experts who’ve added their voices to help us develop our ideas.

All of these conversations have helped us to create 10 big goals for looking after your water.

The first five are about being “brilliant at the basics”, They’re designed to make sure we’re doing what you need us to do every minute of every day, like supplying clean and sustainable water; providing great customer service; ensuring bills are affordable to all; supporting our vulnerable customers; and working to provide effective services, fit for the future.

The further five goals are about how we’re going to tackle the big challenges ahead in the future such as climate change and population growth. We’re aiming to recycle every drop of water we can; to keep our rivers, lakes, reservoirs and coasts healthy and clean; to help customers reduce the amount of water they use; to innovate to create sustainable communities; and to work with partners to support a resilient economy for the South East.

Find out more about our research programmes and other Southern Water innovations on our Water Watch Innovation pod cast.

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