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From tankered waste and trade effluent services to our biosolid fertiliser for agriculture and land reclamation, we have your business waste needs covered

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Key fobs

Key fobs access the logging equipment used on Southern Water sites.

New or replacement fobs can only be ordered using the application form.
10 working days should be allowed for the receipt of new or replacement fobs. 
There will be a £40 charge for replacement fobs including lost ones. A replacement fob will render the old one invalid. A lost fob will be rendered invalid, however if found should be returned to Southern Water.
If you do lose a fob or change a vehicle please let us know as soon as possible and then confirm this in writing using the normal contact details
Faulty fobs must be returned to Southern Water within three weeks of ordering a replacement fob. These will then be sent for testing. Replacements will be charged for at the normal rate of £40 unless testing proves that the user has not caused the fault.
If you mislay a fob and someone else uses it, there is no way of us knowing who is accessing our works. It is for this reason that the tipping fobs are the responsibility of the individual companies and we have to charge for any transactions on them. 
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