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Drainage and water searches

CON29DW enquiry
(exc. VAT)
(inc. VAT)
CON29DW Electronic - 5 day
(electronic orders and responses)
£35.94 £43.13
CON29DW Swift (4 hour) £52.79 £63.35
CON29DW Post - 5 day
(cheque payments and/or postal returns)
£41.56 £49.87
CommercialDW search
(exc. VAT)
(inc. VAT)
Commercial DW (5 day) £88.73 £106.48
Commercial DW (4 hour) £107.83 £129.39

Sewer and water maps

Developer asset plans
(exc. VAT)
(inc. VAT)
* Developer Asset Plans
(electronic and post)
£41.60 £49.92
Developer Asset Plans
(collected from office)
£38.48 £46.18

* For orders requiring multiple plans, additional charges will apply

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