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Q and A - technical system issues

What's happened?

We’re currently experiencing technical issues with our systems and as a result are unable deal with customers billing enquiries.

This is because we cannot presently access any of our customers details in order to help resolve any issues.

We’re working to fix the problem as quickly as possible, and we're really sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Why can't I call you or get in touch via social media about a billing issue?

We can't deal with your query at the moment as we are experiencing difficulties with our systems and cannot presently access customer details in order to help resolve any issues.

When will this be fixed?

Our dedicated teams are working hard to get this fixed and we will let you know as soon as it is.

 However due to the size and complexity of this issue we cannot yet give a timeframe for when this issue will be resolved.

Will this affect my direct debit?

At present this has had no effect on customers who pay by direct debit.

 I'm very upset about this - what do you have to say to your customers?

We absolutely understand your frustration and have worked to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

From time to time computer systems can let us down and we're really sorry this has affected our customers.

What have you done to keep customers in the loop about the issues & what's happening? 

As soon as we became aware of the issue we posted messages across our social media channels and on the homepage of our website. 

I want to sort out an outstanding bill but I can't get through, and no-one is contacting me via social media - is this going to lead to a default/ increased interest/ debt collection agency getting in involved?

Please don't worry. We know it's stressful when you want to resolve an issue and can't get through. 

The issue is with our systems, not with you, and as soon as we are able to access your account details again our dedicated advice and support teams will be on hand to help you resolve your query.

Is my data secure? Has there been a breach and this is why your systems are all offline?

We take data protection very seriously and would like to assure customer your data is secure. 

There is a  number of complex technical issues which mean our customer service staff are unable to access account details in order to help you resolve your billing issues. 

Will this mean a black mark against my name, on your system or the bank’s? 

No. This was a technical error on our end and should not affect your credit rating. 

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