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Brighton & Hove next for water metering

Southern Water’s five-year programme to install water meters for nearly all of its customers is coming to Brighton and Hove

Meter installation teams began work in west Hove in November and will work their way across the city, from west to east, installing more than 74,000 meters by next October. The work programme will avoid the centres of Hove and Brighton during Christmas and the summer months.

Metering is a key part of Southern Water’s plans to help secure water resources for the region as families tend to reduce their demand for water once they are charged for every unit they consume.

The South East is classified by Government as a region of “serious water stress”. Southern Water is therefore installing 500,000 water meters across Sussex, Hampshire and Kent by 2015, increasing the number of metered properties from 40% at the start of the five-year metering programme in 2010 to 92% by 2015. More than 70,000 meters have been installed across West Sussex since late 2010.

Said Darren Bentham, Southern Water’s Director of Metering: “As well as helping to secure water resources for the future, metering is the fairest way to charge as people pay for what they use. It puts people in control of their bills.

“We are providing customers with lots of information and advice on how they can save water, save energy and save money and have introduced new tariffs to support the minority of customers whose bills may go up as they move to metered charges.”

Southern Water Customer Service Teams will deliver information packs to households before their new meters are installed – usually in the pavements outside homes.

Teams will work on a street-by-street basis and customers will have the opportunity to talk to Southern Water Customer Service staff face-to-face when their meter is installed to ask questions and receive advice.

To find out more, please visit www.yourwatermeter.co.uk or call Southern Water’s Metering Call Centre on 0333 2003 013.

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