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Our force is with you - meet Sonya!

How does your job directly help our customers?

I'm a community relationship manager at Southern Water. I help our customers by identifying those in financial difficulty that could be entitled to a financial assistance scheme.

Describe your job in five words or less

Informing everyone of financial help. 

Which star wars character are you most like and why?

C3PO – because I love to laugh and make others laugh. Although it sometimes gets me into trouble!

What are you doing over Christmas to make sure our (work)force is working for our customers?

I’ll be making a list and checking it twice that the customers that should have applied for a scheme have applied. 

What are you most proud of about Southern Water?

The people that work here. Everyone cares about our customers whether they work in operations, customer engagement or assets. We all want to give the very best service to our customers. 

For information about the financial assistance schemes available visit: https://www.southernwater.co.uk/difficulty-paying-your-bill

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