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Our force is with you - meet Yasmin!

How does your job directly help our customers?

I'm a community campaigns and engagement officer. I help Southern Water raise money for our local charities, support our local communities and provide better information and advice to our customers on fat, oil and grease and water efficiency. 

Describe your job in five words or less

Helping our local communities. 

If you could change something in the business tomorrow what would it be?

I would educate all our customers on the importance of saving water and the importance of only putting the 3ps (pee, poo and paper) down the toilet. 

Which star wars character are you most like and why?

C3PO - I think you should always bring laughter and happiness wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Even work!

What are you doing over Christmas to make sure our (work)force is working for our customers?

I am organising a Santa suit day so we can raise money for our local hospices across our region. Whilst dressing up and getting into the festive spirit at work, we can also raise funds to help others enjoy Christmas.

What are you most proud of about Southern Water?  

The life essential work we carry out. 

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