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Our water-saving home visits - blog

We’re currently in what’s known as the “recharge season” when our underground sources, reservoirs and rivers are replenished after the summer, writes water efficiency manager Ben Earl.

There hasn’t been much rain so far this winter, so we have to make sure the water we do have is used wisely.

Last year, for the first time, we introduced our water-saving visits which aim to make your homes, schools and small businesses as water efficient as possible.

With our partners Aqualogic, we’re visiting metered properties in selected areas (mainly around Hampshire, Sussex and the Isle of Wight at the moment) to see how much water your taps, showers, toilets and urinals are using and will fit FREE water-saving gadgets if needed.

These include:

  • Shower heads - a four-minute shower with a water efficient shower head uses around 32 litres of water. A bath uses around 80-100 litres. We offer different types of shower head that use less water.
  • Tap inserts – a tap can use more than nine litres of water a minute – that’s 15 pints! The inserts add air, so cut water use but don't affect pressure.
  • Flush converters - toilet flushing accounts for 30% of water use. If your loo isn’t dual-flush we can fit a converter saving up to 50% per flush.
  • Water butts – for £25 we can deliver and fit a water butt (okay, so the butts aren’t free but we can’t give everything away). When you think that in one hour a sprinkler can use more water than a family of four uses in a day, you can quickly recoup your cash!

On average, our home visits are cutting water use by about 10 per cent – and every drop you save will mean lower bills. You’ll also save on your energy bills, as about a quarter of an average home's energy is used to heat water.

To find out if you’re eligible and to book a visit go to southernwater.co.uk/home-visit

If we’re not currently visiting your area, we may be in future so keep an eye on our website and social media pages.

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