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New connections charging consultation

We’re updating the amounts we charge for new connections, so we’re running a consultation to hear what our customers think.

We’re updating our charges because Ofwat, the economic regulator for the water sector, has changed its charging rules on new connection services which will apply from 1 April 2018.

Ofwat’s new rules state that our charges should reflect:

  • fairness and affordability
  • environmental protection
  • stability and predictability 
  • transparency and customer-focused service.

Update: following feedback we’ve also detailed some of the wider delivery options available to customers and clarified how we propose to calculate asset payments.

Our consultation covers new connection charges, requisition charges, income offsetting and infrastructure charges. The proposed new charges are designed to maintain our balanced approach to developers, other customers and our bill payers.

When the new rules take effect we’ll publish charges for most connections services, rather than on application. This will enable developers and other customers to estimate costs.

To have your say, please read our consultation document and then complete our questionnaire below before 20 October 2017. Alternatively, you can email your comments to newconnectioncharging@southernwater.co.uk.

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