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What happens on a tour

Our guides take you on a fascinating journey along 400 yards of the 30 miles of sewers beneath Brighton, unravelling secrets as you go.

Groups of up to 25 visitors receive safety instructions and hard hats, passes and protective latex gloves to wear.

After a short introductory talk and film, the famous Brighton Sewer Tour begins.

The tour takes you along narrow, whitewashed corridors and up and down metal ladders to see the route of the day’s waste and stormwater, which flows to a treatment plant to the east of the city before being pumped safely out to sea.

Use the interactive map below to work out how to get there, where to park and to find out about key locations on the tour.

The meeting point for the Sewer Tours is found at Arch number 260, underneath the Brighton Pier.

On the day of the tour, make your way to the Pier and go down the stairs to the right-hand side (as you look at the pier).

At the bottom of the stairs, turn to face inland and you'll see a door with a Brighton Sewer Tours sign above it. This is the start of the tour.

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