CCG report to Ofwat

Like all water companies, Southern Water must review the costs of providing water and wastewater services every five years.

Key to this assessment is ensuring that customer and stakeholder interests are met, the local environment is protected and that all future investment is planned and costed.

The industry regulator, Ofwat, then looks at its plan and decides what Southern Water's customers should pay for the services it provides. Ofwat will only do so if it is satisfied that Southern Water have understood its customers' requirements and listened to their views.

A key piece of evidence in helping Ofwat decide this is the report published by the CCG. The CCG is independent of Southern Water and has a remit to challenge and scrutinise all actions in this area.

Our report on the Southern Water Business Plan for 2020-25 and supporting evidence provided to Ofwat in September 2018 are below:

Report to Ofwat on SWS Business Plan 2020-25  
Annex 1 - Customer and Stakeholder Engagement Framework  
Annex 2 - CCG Advice notes  
Annex 3 - CCG report on Compliance with Quality Regulations  
Annex 4 - CCG Challenge Log  
Annex 5 - CCG Membership  
Annex 6 - CCG Engagement Assessment Framework  

Our letter to Ofwat following its initial assessment of the plan:

CCG letter to Ofwat  

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