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Our maps show the water resource schemes we have chosen following the public consultation to secure a reliable and cost effective water supply for the future.

These schemes will help us meet a target to reduce the amount of water lost through leaks to 78 million litres of water each day by 2040.

We have also set a target to reduce the average water use per person per day to below 130 litres by 2040. We will achieve this through schemes to work with homes, schools and businesses to promote water efficiency.

Currently we supply an average of 535 million litres of water each day and by 2040 we predict this will rise to 606 million litres of water each day. 

Therefore we have also included large-scale schemes in our plan to secure new water resources to meet growing demand and replace supplies lost to climate change and reductions in our licences to abstract water from rivers and groundwater.

Key resources in our plan include:

  • Water re-use
  • Storing winter water underground (Aquifer Storage Recovery)
  • Using sea water at desalination plants
  • Building pipelines to share water
  • Upgrading existing sources, rivers or well fields
  • Changing our abstraction licences where water is available
  • Working in partnership with farmers and landowners to protect water quality

The investment for the first five years of this plan is included in our Business Plan for 2015-2020 which balances our investment and customer bills.

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