Becoming brilliant at the basics

Our improvements to the water network include hundreds of kilometres of new water mains, and refurbished water treatment works. This will cut supply disruptions, while maintaining the same clean, safe water we all need.

We’re working towards a refreshingly easy customer experience, with simple and personalised tariffs and payment plans, hassle-free ways to get in touch, and a dedicated Southern Water team to quickly resolve your questions or complaints. We’re also overhauling our online services, and sharing more regular updates when there’s a planned (or unplanned) interruption to your water supply.

Spotlight on Affordability and Vulnerability

Water is essential for life, which means we need to make sure that everyone can afford our services, especially those who may be in vulnerable circumstances.

To keep water affordable we’re making a big effort to reduce bills by more than 3% by 2025. We’re also launching our Reach &
 Support programme, which will bring together partner organisations to provide support for customers in need. We’ll make sure our teams have the skills they need to identify and prioritise the needs of every vulnerable customer.

When it comes to the water and stuff like that, I just want to pay my bills and forget about it.

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