Being ready for the future

We’re also working with local authorities to turn our wastewater treatment sites into what we call Resource Hubs. While Resource Hubs – like our pilot site at Peacehaven – will still treat wastewater to the highest standard, they could use the heat generated during treatment to warm local facilities like swimming pools. They could also provide rooms for training and community use, and use waste cooking oils from local businesses to generate biogas and green energy for local use.


Spotlight on Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. It’s essential to the long-term future of the South East’s water supply.

We’re working with a range of academic and industrial partners, like University of Portsmouth and Google, to find smarter, more innovative ways of running our network and making it fit for the future, while protecting the environment.

We’ve recently launched our bluewave laboratory in Brighton, which brings together experts and customers to imagine clever new solutions to water challenges. And our colleagues are innovating too, using our Digital Idea Portal to submit their own bright ideas. Since the portal was set-up, we’ve had more than 250 submissions, and more than a quarter of these are already being implemented.

We've got to get more from the water that we're using – that's just the way forwards.

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